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Pipeline Sensors

Basic Sensors

  • Pipe Sensor
  • Pipe Sensor
  • Pipe Sensor
  • Pipe Sensor

Basic Sensors

The transducers are used for guided waves testing of pipes. The results of testing can be used to identify areas of corrosion and cracking as well as an input for the failure analysis.

  • Characteristics

  • Pipe Sizes 5 to 1200 mm (0.25 - 50")

  • Frequency Range 5 to 255 kHz

  • Guided Wave Mode Only T (0,1) - Torsional

    Only L(0,2) - Longitudinal

    Both T(0,1) and L(0,2) in dual mode transducers

  • Method of Coupling Dry coupling using bladders

    Dry coupling using mechanical clamps

    Shear wave coupling (slight pressure applied by a rubber band)
  • Temperature Range Standard: -25°C to 105°C

    Specialized/Elevated: -25°C to 200°C